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Have a simple product question, or need help picking the right plan for your team? We’ve got you covered.

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Technical Support

Browse our extensive library of how-to articles or get in touch with our technical support team.

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Interested in upgrading?

Ready to upgrade to the latest version of Revu? Here are detailed instructions on how to upgrade your license(s) to one of our new Bluebeam plans.

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How can we help you today?

Have a technical question? Here are some popular articles that might help: 

Get Help With Revu 21

Revu 20 and Below Installation Guide

Bluebeam Subscription Management Guide

How to Transfer a Revu License to a New Computer

Still don’t see what you’re looking for? 

File a ticket on our support site and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can.  

The Bluebeam Academic Program partners with AEC-related education programs and industry-sponsored student competitions around the world to provide free access to Bluebeam, sponsor scholarships, and cultivate unique learning opportunities.

If you’re already in the program and need help, or to see if you’re eligible for free access to Bluebeam, please visit our dedicated Academic Program page.

Check out our Pricing Page for help choosing the subscription plan(s) that work best for you and purchase via our webstore. Pick a Plan >

Questions about moving from Perpetual to Subscription?
you’re currently using Revu Standard or CAD, we recommend switching to our Core subscription plan. If you’re on Revu eXtreme, we recommend our most comprehensive plan, Complete. Just need basic PDF creating and editing without measurements? Try Basics. For more information on subscription, check out our 
Bluebeam Subscription FAQs. Please note that we no longer sell Perpetual licenses or older versions of Revu.

More than 100 people at your company or want to buy 50 or more seats?

Currently on subscription?

If you’re a Bluebeam subscriber, you can easily add subscription seats via our webstore. You’ll need your Bluebeam ID (BBID) to log in. Check out this article for help managing subscription access.

Please note: You can’t combine subscription user seats and Perpetual license seats.  

Using an older version of Revu?

If you’re on Perpetual and have active Maintenance, you can add seats by contacting us here.

If you don’t have Maintenance, you’ll need to purchase new subscription seats. Check out our Pricing Page for help choosing the plan(s) that work best for you.

Still don’t see what you’re looking for?  

File a ticket on our support site and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can. 

To access Revu 21 and Bluebeam Cloud, you’ll need to upgrade your license(s) to our new Bluebeam subscription plans. Check out our upgrade guide to get started. 

We’ll happily refund your purchase if a request is made within 30 days. To switch plans, request a refund and then purchase a new plan of your choice. 

To request a refund, contact Bluebeam Customer Service with the following information:  

  • Your name, email and phone number
  • Web order number
  • Reason for the return
  • Amount to be refunded
  • Date of purchase

Note: Credit card purchases will be refunded to the same credit card used for the original purchase. A purchase order will be refunded or issued a credit depending on the status of payment.


Currently on subscription? 

Please see our Subscription Management Guide for help managing your subscriptions. 

Using an older version of Revu?

Please see our Gateway User Guide for help managing your licenses.  

If you’re on Perpetual and want to combine licenses, please submit a ticket. Make sure to include the serial number of licenses you want to combine. If you need to combine serial numbers, please note that they must all be the same version and edition (and, if applicable, have matching Maintenance dates). You’ll also need to unregister the computers associated with the preferred serial numbers before we can complete your request.  

Please note that you can’t combine subscription seats and Perpetual license seats. 

Frequently asked questions

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  2. How can I convert my existing perpetual license to a subscription?
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  10. I'm still waiting for my receipt. When will I receive it?
  11. What is your refund policy?
Using Bluebeam
  1. How do I log in to Revu and Bluebeam Cloud?
  2. How do I add new team members to my account?
  3. How do I give myself or other users access to Bluebeam software?
  4. What is the Org Admin Portal?
  5. Can I use Bluebeam on multiple devices?
  6. My clients don’t have Bluebeam. If I send them a file, will they be able to view it?
  7. How do I update to the latest dot release?
  8. What operating system does Bluebeam run on?
  9. I need support for my perpetual license of Revu. What are my options?
  10. How can I get in touch with Bluebeam?

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