Perpetual Licensing

Bluebeam Perpetual Licensing registers Revu to desktops and tablets on a per workstation basis, using a serial number and product key. Bluebeam offers discounts for volume purchases of five or more seats.

Purchase New Seats of Revu or Add to Your Existing License

Seats of Bluebeam Revu are a one-time cost. The purchase of Maintenance is optional and must be added at the time of purchase. It covers all major version upgrades and premium support for one year. Licenses without annual Maintenance may be upgraded to the latest version of Revu at the applicable upgrade rate.

All pricing in US Dollars.


$349 / seat

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$99 / seat

Upgrade Existing Seat

$249 / seat


$499 / seat

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$149 / seat

Upgrade Existing Seat

$349 / seat


$399 / seat

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$119 / seat

Upgrade Existing Seat

$279 / seat

1 - 4$349$99$249
5 - 9$299$89$209
10 - 24$269$79$189
25 - 49$239$59$169
50 - 99$199$49$139
100 - 199$179$36$129
200 - 349$169$34$119
350 - 499$159$32$109
500 - 999$149$30$99
1 - 4$399$119$279
5 - 9$349$99$249
10 - 24$309$89$219
25 - 49$279$79$199
50 - 99$249$59$179
100 - 199$219$44$149
200 - 349$199$40$139
350 - 499$179$36$129
500 - 999$159$32$109
1 - 4$499$149$349
5 - 9$459$129$319
10 - 24$399$119$279
25 - 49$359$99$249
50 - 99$329$79$229
100 - 199$259$52$179
200 - 349$229$46$159
350 - 499$209$42$149
500 - 999$189$38$129

* These discounts are provided on a per transaction basis.


$199 / seat

Download a Trial


$39 / seat

Upgrade Existing Seat

$139 / seat


* Price in AUD is for reference only and is based upon the approximate currency exchange rate with the USD. Consult your local reseller for detailed pricing.
** All prices are manufacturer's suggested retail prices
Volume discounts start at five or more seats. Taxes and fees are not included.


Bluebeam offers annual Maintenance for each purchased seat of Bluebeam Revu. Maintenance is valid for one year starting from your purchase date. Maintenance is only available at the time of purchase and includes:

Product Upgrades

When Bluebeam releases a new major version of Revu, we will notify your company and provide upgrade license keys, free of charge.

Premium Support

Access to our experienced staff for technical support via phone and email.

Open Licensing

Bluebeam Revu eXtreme® is also available via Open Licensing, a cloud-based floating license system that allows organizations to authorize user access to Revu from a pool of shared seats. Open Licensing is an annual subscription, priced according to volume. Active subscriptions are entitled to free upgrades and premium technical support.

1 - 49$600
50 - 199$500

Enterprise Licensing

Enterprise Licensing is a license add-on that allows a 5% overage of seat installations and automatically releases unresponsive machines. It is available to customers with consolidated seats with active Maintenance. Enterprise Licensing is an additional $5 per seat annually.

Studio Prime

Studio Prime is an annual subscription, priced according to the total number of allowed users. Users consist of Members and Collaborators participating in all managed Projects and Sessions. All levels of Studio Prime include the same administrative functionality.

TierAllowed UsersPrice Per Month*
Level 1100$195
Level 2200$345
Level 3500$795
Level 41000$1495
Level 52500$2995
Level 6Unlimited$6995

*Charged Annually

Studio Enterprise

Studio Enterprise is sold on a per server basis and includes one year of product Maintenance. Maintenance covers upgrades, plus access to our experienced staff for technical support via phone and email, for one year. After the first year, you have the option to renew your Maintenance agreement.

Please contact for more information.

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