Compatibility / FAQs

General Questions

What are the differences between Revu Standard, CAD and eXtreme?

With Revu Standard, you have access to a complete set of markup, editing and collaboration features, as well as plugins for Microsoft Office and the Bluebeam PDF printer for easy PDF creation.

Revu CAD includes everything in Standard, plus additional plugins for creating PDFs from AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks Manage, Navisworks Simulate, SketchUp Pro and SolidWorks. You can also create 3D PDFs from AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks and SketchUp Pro.

Revu eXtreme includes everything in CAD and Standard, plus advanced features such as scripting, automatic form creation, OCR+, Batch Link®, Batch Slip Sheet, Batch Sign & Seal and more.

You can compare all three editions of Bluebeam Revu here.

Can I transfer Revu from one computer to another?

Yes. For more information about transferring your license of Revu to another computer, please read this Support article.

What do I do if my hard drive crashes and I need to reinstall Revu?

Please contact the Bluebeam Support team for assistance and include your Revu serial number along with a brief description of the problem.

Does Revu support PDF forms?

Yes, Bluebeam Revu supports creating, viewing and filling AcroForm form documents. Revu also has full support for viewing and filling static XFA forms, and Dynamic XFA functionality continues to be updated as part of our ongoing development efforts.

Revu eXtreme 2017 features Automatic Form Creation. You can create forms from scanned or digital documents, and Revu will automatically detect fields such as signatures, dates and checkboxes.

How can I learn more about Revu training programs?

Bluebeam offers a variety of training options, from self-guided online training courses to instructor-led customized training sessions. All our training offerings help you or your entire organization master Revu in no time. For more information, visit our Training page.

My clients do not have Revu. If I send them a file, will they be able to view my markups in another PDF viewer?

Yes. Bluebeam Revu follows the PDF standard, which allows markups made in Revu to be visible in other PDF viewers. However, the only way to use Revu's unique markup features is by opening the PDF in Revu. Your clients who do not have Revu can download Bluebeam Vu, our free PDF viewer and collaboration tool for iPad and Windows.

Is Revu for Windows localized in other languages?

Revu for Windows is localized in English (UK), Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean and Japanese.

How to Purchase Revu

Do I need to purchase a subscription?

Bluebeam Revu is available to purchase via two different licensing options: Perpetual Licensing and Open Licensing. Perpetual Licensing is a one-time license purchase, with volume discounts provided on a per transaction basis. Open Licensing is an annual subscription, priced according to volume. You can find pricing for both licensing models on our pricing page.

Do you offer discounts on bulk purchases?

Yes, volume discounts are offered on a per transaction basis and are only applicable when purchasing the same edition. You can find details on our pricing page.

Can I use a trial version of Revu prior to purchase?

Yes, Bluebeam offers fully functional 30-day trials for all editions of Revu. Download a free trial of the edition of your choice.

Does Bluebeam offer any educational discounts?

Bluebeam offers educational discounts on Revu to current students and educators from accredited campuses and universities. Bluebeam also supports school and university campus labs by providing free licenses of Revu CAD.

Visit our Bluebeam Academic page for more information.

How do I buy an older version of Revu?

You may only purchase the latest version online. If you need to purchase an older version, please email us at or call us at 866-496-2140 Opt. 1. You may also purchase older versions of Revu through an authorized reseller.

How to Upgrade Revu

What is a minor upgrade?

We release minor upgrades to Revu when we make small enhancements to the latest version of the software. For example, if you purchased a Revu 2017 license, you can upgrade to version 2017.5 or any other version 2017.x release at no additional cost. Download updates by visiting our Support page or going to Help > Product Updates in Revu.

What is a major upgrade?

We release a major upgrade to Revu each year with significant enhancements and features. An example of a major upgrade would be an upgrade from Revu 2016 to Revu 2017. You can purchase a major version upgrade through our online store, or email or call 626-788-4100 Opt. 1. Users with active Maintenance do not need to purchase the major upgrade, as you receive that year’s upgrade free of charge.

What if I upgrade AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks or SolidWorks and do not have the latest version of Revu?

If you upgrade to the latest version of AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks Simulate, Navisworks Manage and/or SolidWorks but do not have the latest version of Bluebeam Revu, you can still create PDF files using the Bluebeam PDF printer. For full access to the AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks and/or SolidWorks plugin, an upgrade of Bluebeam Revu may be required. View our complete Software Requirement Chart to check if your design software is compatible with your version of Revu.

How do I upgrade my current Revu license to Revu eXtreme?

If you have a license of Revu Standard or CAD, you can purchase an upgrade to Revu eXtreme at the same price as a major version upgrade. Visit our online store for more information.

If you have active Maintenance on your license, please email for a price quote to continue Maintenance with a Revu eXtreme license.

Compatibility and Integrations

Does Bluebeam Revu work with CAD and Microsoft Office applications?

Revu CAD and Revu eXtreme include plugins for AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks Manage, Navisworks Simulate, SolidWorks and SketchUp Pro. All editions of Revu include Microsoft Office plugins (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) for one-button PDF and batch creation.

Microsoft Office
Navisworks Manage
Navisworks Simulate

Does Bluebeam Revu integrate with any Document Management System (DMS)?

Bluebeam Revu offers direct integration with SharePoint and ProjectWise for seamless access to files stored in these document management systems. Revu also includes Bluebeam Studio Projects for unlimited file storage. Additionally, Studio Prime subscribers can use the Studio API to facilitate integrations with other systems. Find more information about the Studio API on the Bluebeam Developer Network page.

Is Revu compatible with Mac?

Bluebeam Revu Mac offers core PDF editing and markup capabilities to enhance your paperless workflows. For the full list of features currently available in Revu Mac, visit our full Revu Comparison Chart. Mac users can also run Bluebeam Revu or Bluebeam Vu using Windows running in Boot Camp, or a Fusion or Parallels virtual machine.

Can Revu run in a Citrix environment?

Bluebeam Revu is certified Citrix Ready for XenApp 6.5-7.6 and XenDesktop 7-7.6. To stay compliant with our EULA (End User License Agreement), you must purchase as many seats as there are Revu users in your organization.

Note that Windows Server 2008 R2 and above are supported under Citrix environments. For more information, visit our Support page.

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General Questions

What is Bluebeam Studio? How much does Studio cost?

Bluebeam Studio connects you with your project partners in real time on the same set of centralized documents, enabling streamlined communication. Studio is included with Revu, and it offers two ways to collaborate: Studio Sessions and Studio Projects.

What are Studio Sessions?

Sessions enable document-based online collaboration. They are accessible through the Revu and Vu interface. Only the host needs a Revu license to initiate a Studio Session, and all invited attendees can participate in the Session through Revu, Revu for iPad or even our free PDF viewer, Bluebeam Vu for Windows and iPad.

What are Studio Projects?

Studio Projects enable streamlined document management by allowing you to store and manage your project files, including PDFs and other file types, in one place through the Revu interface. Teams can work with Project files regardless of internet access—simply sync files locally from a Project before going offline and re-sync any updates once you reconnect.

Team members who do not own Revu can access the files using our free PDF viewer, Bluebeam Vu for Windows or iPad. Or, you can send them password-protected Studio Links, which allow them to download a local copy of the files.

What type of permissions are available in Bluebeam Studio?

The entire Bluebeam Studio Platform—which includes options for organizations to have more administrative control over their Sessions and Projects—offers varying levels of permissions, from limiting the level of collaboration for internal users to managing participants outside of the organization. Learn more here.

Do I need to own Revu to access Bluebeam Studio?

You can access Bluebeam Studio and unlock Revu’s industry-standard markup tools without owning a license of the software. Download our free PDF viewer, Bluebeam Vu for Windows or iPad. You can also access Studio when you use a 30-day trial of Revu.

Studio Session and Projects Comparison

How many attendees can join?500 No limits
How many files can we upload? 5,000 No limits
What files does it support?PDF Any file format
How big can the files be?1 GB each No limits
How big can the markups be? 10 MB eachNo limits
How much space can we use?No limits No limits
Can attendee access rights be managed?Yes Yes
Can previous file revisions be viewed and restored? NoYes
Can we receive notifications about file and user activity?Yes Yes
Can we send and receive markup alerts?Yes No
Do all attendees need a license of Revu?NoNo

Studio Prime

What is Studio Prime?

Studio Prime is a subscription that gives companies additional administrative and user management control over their Studio Projects and Sessions. Administrators can access Studio activity reports through the online Studio Prime Portal, as well as Folder Automations functionality and the Bluebeam Studio API for external application integrations.

Do I need to own Revu to manage a Studio Prime subscription account?

No, you do not need to own a seat of Bluebeam Revu or Vu to manage a Studio Prime account. You can access the online Studio Prime Portal to control user access and pull reports on user activity.

What are the different types of users within Studio Prime?

A Studio Prime subscription makes it easier to collaborate with outside vendors and project partners, giving your organization more control over each Studio participant. There are two types of users within Studio Prime: Members and Collaborators.

    Members are users who are invited to join your Prime account. They could be employees, joint venture partners or anyone who needs to become a managed user.

    Collaborators are external users that Members invite to attend managed Projects and Sessions. Collaborators could be superintendents, subcontractors or anyone who needs access to a Studio Project or Session within the Studio Prime account. Prime Administrators can control Collaborators' access to Members' managed Projects and Sessions.

When invited to the Studio Prime account, Members give Administrators the ability to manage their Studio account and associated Projects and Sessions. Collaborators, on the other hand, maintain control over their personal Studio account when joining or leaving a Project or Session within the Prime account.

How does an Administrator access the Studio Prime Portal to manage users and generate reports?

Administrators can access their Studio Prime account through the online Studio Prime Portal at

What is the Bluebeam Studio API?

The Bluebeam Studio API lets Studio Prime subscribers create applications to manage their Studio Projects and Sessions. These applications can leverage Bluebeam Studio in a number of ways, including:

  • Studio Projects and Sessions: Add and create.
  • Project folders: Add or delete Project folders and manage folder permissions.
  • Studio files: Add, update, download, and delete Project and Session files, and restore file revisions.
  • Studio users: Invite or add users to Projects and Sessions, and manage user permissions.
  • Studio permissions: Manage Project and Session permissions.
  • Session activity: Get a report on all Session activity and create chat messages in a Session.
  • Studio jobs: Execute file-processing jobs on Project files.

What is Folder Automations?

Folder Automations is a feature in Studio Projects that allows Studio Prime subscribers to streamline repetitive PDF-based workflows across a large number of users. Subscribers can automatically perform a set of predefined actions to files in a Project folder, including:

  • Converting files
  • Delete pages
  • Export form data
  • Export markups
  • Extract pages
  • Flatten
  • Add headers and footers
  • Import custom columns
  • Insert blank pages
  • Insert pages
  • Process colors
  • Reduce file size
  • Repair page content
  • Reverse pages
  • Rotate pages
  • Stamp
  • Unflatten markups
  • Create PDF/A report
  • Save as PDF/A

What are the available file conversions supported by Studio Prime’s Folder Automations?

  • DWG to PDF
  • Word to PDF
  • Excel to PDF
  • Image (JPEG, TIFF, etc.) to PDF
  • PostScript to PDF

Studio Enterprise

What is Studio Enterprise?

Studio Enterprise is for companies that need to host Bluebeam Studio Sessions and Projects on their own locally hosted server, behind their own firewalls. IT administrators can set the preferences for variables such as number of Session attendees and the size of files stored on the server.

If my company has Studio Enterprise, can I join Studio Sessions on my iPad using Bluebeam Vu iPad or Bluebeam Revu iPad?

You can join existing Studio Sessions created by Studio Enterprise, as well as create new Sessions using Revu iPad. You will need to purchase an SSL certificate from a certificate authority in order to configure Studio Enterprise on your iPad.

How long does a Studio Session or Project remain active on Studio Enterprise?

Studio Enterprise retains all Session data by default, unless it is archived or deleted. Project files and their revision histories are also automatically saved. The server can be configured to remove deleted Project files and revision histories.

Can I prevent users from creating new Projects and Sessions on Studio Enterprise?

You can set up default permissions for users when they create accounts. This gives you control over who can access the server and create Sessions and Projects. These defaults can be applied to both your Active Directory users as well as users with specific email domains.

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General Questions

What features are included with Revu Mac?

Bluebeam Revu Mac delivers core PDF editing, markup and collaboration capabilities to enhance your paperless workflows. Revu Mac does not currently include all the same features found in Bluebeam Revu, but active development to bring parity with Revu is ongoing. Check out our complete Revu Comparison Chart to learn which of your favorite Revu features are currently available in Revu Mac.

Is Revu Mac 64-bit compatible?

Yes, Revu Mac is 64-bit compatible.

Which operating system is Revu Mac compatible with?

Revu Mac is compatible with these operating systems:

  • macOS Sierra (10.12)
  • OS X El Capitan (10.11)

Can I use Revu Mac on my iPad?

Bluebeam's PDF viewing, markup, editing and collaboration apps, Revu iPad and Vu iPad, are both available on the iOS App Store.

Does Revu Mac work with CAD applications and document management software?

Revu Mac does not currently offer any plugins for CAD applications or document management software.

What do I do if my hard drive crashes and I need to reinstall Revu Mac?

Please contact Bluebeam support for assistance and include your Revu Mac serial number along with a brief description of the problem.

My colleagues do not have Revu or Revu Mac. If I send them a file, will they be able to view my markups in another PDF viewer?

Yes. All Bluebeam products follow the PDF standard, which allows markups made in any variation of Bluebeam Revu to be visible in other PDF viewers. However, the only way to use our unique markup features is by opening the PDF in any variation of Bluebeam Revu. Clients who do not have Bluebeam Revu, Revu Mac or Revu iPad, can download Bluebeam Vu, our free PDF viewer and collaboration tool for iPad and Windows.

Is Revu Mac localized in other languages?

Revu Mac is localized in English (UK), German and Swedish.

Is Revu Mac available in Standard, CAD and eXtreme editions?

No, Revu Mac is only available in one edition. Check out our complete Revu Comparison Chart to learn which of your favorite features from Revu Standard, CAD and eXtreme are available in Revu Mac.

Does Revu Mac support PDF forms?

Revu Mac does not currently support the creation of PDF forms.

Where can I learn more about Revu Mac?

Check out the complete online Help Guide for Revu Mac. For videos about specific workflows and features, visit our Free Training Materials page, which focuses on Revu for Windows but covers many of the features available in Revu Mac.

How to Purchase Revu Mac

How much does Revu Mac cost and how can I purchase?

Revu Mac is available for $199, with $39 optional Maintenance. Bluebeam does not currently offer any volume discounts for Revu Mac.

To purchase Revu Mac directly from Bluebeam, visit our online store or contact our Account Services team at or 626-788-4100 Opt. 1. You can also purchase Revu Mac from an Authorized Bluebeam Partner. To find a local Bluebeam reseller, visit the Find a Reseller page.

Does Bluebeam offer any educational discounts on Revu Mac?

Yes, Revu Mac is $99 for students and educators, and is limited to one per customer. Academic verification is required, and you must use your current academic email address (alumni addresses do not qualify) when purchasing.

Can I use a trial version of Revu Mac prior to purchase?

Yes. Bluebeam offers a fully functional 30-day free trial of Revu Mac.

How is Revu Mac licensed?

Revu Mac is available via Perpetual Licensing: a one-time license purchase that is charged on a per-transaction basis.

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Perpetual Licensing

Perpetual Licensing is a licensing system that requires companies to purchase and register Revu on a per workstation basis using a serial number and product key. Perpetual licensing is available for Revu Standard, CAD and eXtreme and may include Maintenance. Volume discounts are provided on a per transaction basis.

Open Licensing

Open Licensing is an annual subscription that allows companies to authorize concurrent access to Revu eXtreme for any user in their company from a shared pool of seats. Open Licensing brings flexibility and the benefits of volume software licensing to organizations of all sizes, anytime, anywhere.

Seats may be added to an existing Open License at any time, and they will be prorated based on the renewal date and cumulative volume. Active subscriptions are entitled to free upgrades and Maintenance, with access to our Technical Support team by phone and email.

How does Open Licensing work?

  1. Simply launch Revu to request a seat from the Bluebeam Gateway, a web-accessible portal where licenses are hosted and managed.
  2. If a seat is available, the Gateway automatically allocates it to the user and authorizes Revu to run on that computer.
  3. Once all available seats are in use, the Gateway limits further requests for Revu to run.
  4. When an active user closes Revu, the Gateway automatically retrieves the seat and immediately makes it available for others to access.

What are the Administrator capabilities for Open Licensing?

  • Access to the Bluebeam Gateway
  • Count active Revu users versus available seats
  • View usage trends over a selectable calendar period
  • Access historical data of overages
  • Export logs, registered computers and username data
  • Manage multiple seats through a single interface
  • Invite additional Administrators to assist in managing active users
  • Incrementally update users to the latest version of Revu eXtreme

Which versions and editions of Revu are supported by Open Licensing?

Open Licensing supports Revu eXtreme, version 2015.5 and above.

What happens if an Open License user loses internet access?

For situations when connectivity to the internet becomes temporarily unavailable, or if a computer is outside of the office and cannot connect, Open License seats will switch to offline mode. In offline mode, each device is granted three days to use the program before it is required to connect back to the Bluebeam Gateway.

What happens if all the seats in my Open License pool are checked out but someone urgently needs to use Revu?

Administrators have the option to log in to the Gateway and manually release any user whose status is inactive (usually someone who is away from their computer). If the Administrator releases a seat while a user is working in the program, we release the seat but also protect the active user by allowing them to continue working so that they will not lose their work. Only when they close and reopen Revu again will they need an available Open License seat to continue working with Revu.

How are upgrades within Open Licenses managed?

We understand that fully upgrading software within an organization takes time. If you own an Open License and an upgrade to the next version becomes available, both the current and new versions will continue sharing the same pool of seats. This allows for ultimate flexibility when your environment requires incremental upgrades.

Enterprise Licensing

How does Enterprise Licensing work?

An Enterprise License is a special license key of Bluebeam Revu designed to help manage computer turnover. It does two things:

  1. Automatically releases registered computers that have failed to communicate with our licensing server for 15 days.
  2. Provides a temporary 5% overage of the total number of allowed installations.

In other words, once a machine takes up a seat by registering to an Enterprise License, it will periodically ping Bluebeam's Licensing Server to confirm that it is still active. If the machine fails to communicate with the server for a period of 15 days, it will automatically be released from the license key, freeing up the seat to be registered to another machine. The 5% overage, or cushion, allows for the lag time between re-imaging workstations or releasing inactive seats. If you exceed the overage allowance, an "exceeded licenses" warning will appear, and further installations will be restricted.

The benefit of Enterprise Licensing is that there is no longer a need to manually uninstall or release seats from workstations that are being transferred, phased out or re-imaged. This Enterprise Licensing option takes care of that for you, ensuring that your licensed seats are fully utilized. Plus, because it is managed with Bluebeam servers, there is no need to install or maintain anything locally.

What are the Administrator capabilities for Enterprise Licensing?

  • Access to the Bluebeam Gateway
  • Count active Revu users versus available seats
  • Manage multiple seats through a single interface
  • Invite additional Administrators to assist in managing active users
  • Incrementally update users to the latest version of Revu eXtreme

How do I know if I have used all my licenses? Is there a charge for going over?

With an Enterprise License, you gain access to the Bluebeam Gateway, a web portal for viewing and managing both Enterprise and Open Licenses. The Bluebeam Gateway allows you to view how many seats of each version and edition you own, how many computers, or "seats," are registered to each license, and which computers they are.

As long as your total number of registered machines per edition does not exceed the total number of seats allowed plus the 5% overage allowance, you are good! If you are approaching or exceeding your limit, you can purchase additional seats or unregister licenses from computers as needed. Any new seats purchased may take up to 24 hours to update and appear in the Gateway.

How do I qualify for Enterprise Licensing?

There are a couple requirements for Enterprise Licensing, which you must fulfill to qualify. First, your licenses must be consolidated into a single license key by product. Second, your annual Maintenance must be current and maintained. Please note, Enterprise Licenses are not intended for Citrix or other terminal server environments.

How much does Enterprise Licensing cost?

An Enterprise License is an additional cost per seat annually and is co-termed with your current Maintenance date.

US and CanadaGlobal
$5/per seat$6/per seat

How do I find out more about Enterprise Licensing?

Contact the Account Services team at 626-788-4100 Opt. 1 to find out more.

Professional Home Use License

What is a Professional Home Use license?

Professional Home Use (PHU) licenses are for people who use Bluebeam Revu at work and would like to use Revu on their home computer as well. Bluebeam offers Professional Home Use licenses at a discounted price to employees of companies that already own seats of Revu.

How do you qualify?

Employees are eligible to purchase one PHU license for each seat of Revu their employer has purchased. Purchases for home use can be made at any time after your employer purchases a regularly priced seat of Revu.

The following purchase rules apply for all PHU licenses:

  • PHU licenses are available solely for employees of companies that own seats of Revu to purchase for their home use.

  • All purchases must be made directly through Bluebeam with a personal credit card.

  • A valid company email address is required for each PHU license.

  • Only one PHU license per customer email address, per version is allowed.

  • Student/education licensees do not qualify for PHU licenses.

  • A PHU license may be installed on one machine.

To take advantage of this offer or for additional information, email our Account Services team at

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What is included when I purchase Maintenance?

Maintenance includes free annual upgrades, as well as direct phone and email assistance provided by our experienced Technical Support staff during regular business hours.

How can I purchase Maintenance?

Maintenance is available at the time of purchase and renewable every year. Please email us at or contact your reseller if you have forgotten to purchase Maintenance.

Does Maintenance include training?

No it doesn’t, however there are free training videos on our Support site, as well as free webinars held on an ongoing basis.

If you are looking for something more personalized, we also offer both self-paced and instructor-led training options.

How do I know if I have Maintenance?

If you have Maintenance it will be listed on the license certificate you received when the software was purchased. If you are unable to find this email, you can use our License Key Lookup Page or contact us at

What do you get if you don't have Maintenance?

1. For as long as your software is in Core Support, you will have access to any bug fixes released on that version.
Please refer to our Technical Services Overview for more details about our Product Support Tiers.

2. You will have access to our growing database of how-to, troubleshooting and training materials located on our Support Site, as well as our free webinars.

3. You can submit a Support Ticket via our support site.

Is Maintenance available for purchase on the iPad

The iPad is supported with regular updates and by searching our online help files. Phone support is not provided for the iPad app. If you need technical assistance beyond our online help files you can email us at

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Bluebeam University

I purchased Bluebeam University. How do I start taking courses?

When your order is processed, you will receive a welcome email with the subject line “Welcome to Bluebeam University.” It will come from This email will give you a link to log in and set your password before you can get into your dashboard and begin taking courses.

If you purchased Bluebeam University from our LearnUpon shopping cart (the page looks like this), then you will get instant access. Your email from LearnUpon should come shortly after purchasing.

You can also purchase Bluebeam University when you purchase seats of software (the page looks like this) on our website. This method does not give you instant access. We’ll need to manually process the order, which can take up to two business days. If you made a purchase and cannot find this email from LearnUpon, check your spam folder. If you still do not see it, please contact and we’ll investigate for you.

I’ve already received my welcome email and set up my password for Bluebeam University, but I forgot the URL.

The login URL is

What do I get when I purchase Bluebeam University?

You get one year’s access to the package you purchased. If you are a new user and just want to get your feet wet, you might just need our eight-hour foundational course, Bluebeam Basics. If you want to learn more about using Revu in more advanced workflows, you’ll want our Power Package. This includes all the courses currently available to Bluebeam University.

Do I need Revu to take courses at Bluebeam University?

Technically, no, but we highly recommend it. All the coursework at Bluebeam University is completed via a web-based interface. There are interactive software simulations built into this web interface where you can try out features in Revu. However, we also have a number of downloadable exercises you need Revu to complete.

I only need one of the courses in the Power Pack. Can I purchase it separately?

Unfortunately, the only course we sell separately is the Basics. We hear most of our users find value in the bundled Power Pack to deepen their knowledge of Revu.

Do I get a completion certificate when I complete a course?

Yes. You should see it on your dashboard once you have completed a course.

I purchased a license for Revu. Does Bluebeam University come with it?

No, Bluebeam University is a separate purchase from the software. You can purchase Bluebeam University subscriptions here.

Can I use Bluebeam University on a Mac?

Technically, yes, as the course experience is in a web-based application. However, our courses currently only cover Revu for Windows, so what you are learning may not be applicable on Revu Mac. We hope to have a Revu Mac course available in the future.

Can I use Bluebeam University on an iPad?

Yes, you could watch the course on an iPad. However, you’d want a full version of Revu to do the downloadable exercises. Some customers with iPads like to watch video tutorials on the iPad and follow along on their Windows laptop using the full version of Revu.

What actions do I need to take for the course to show as completed?

You need to pass the final test at the end of the course. Once you pass, you will be able to download your completion certificate. If you do not pass, then you will be able to retake it.

How do I get the new courses that come out in the Power Pack?

Once the course is released, it will show up in your dashboard automatically.

If you have questions that were not answered here, please email

Instructor-Led Training

What is the best way to get my team trained?

There is no one best way, as every group is different. Our training team can advise you on which training option will suit your situation best.

The most important thing you can do is to make sure your group is enthusiastic about learning Revu; you have to get their buy-in first. If your group does not know what Revu is or why they need to learn it, there is only so much they can learn in our time together. Making sure they understand why you’ve chosen to put them through this training will make a big difference.

Also, if they are new users, they should have spent some time (as much as possible) playing with the software. The more familiar they are with Revu before the training, the more information they will retain. If you need advanced training, you should make sure your group has already completed Basics training or has comparable hands-on experience with Revu.

How many people can be trained in an instructor-led web training?

You can have up to 100 people in a web training. They can log in from anywhere as long as they have internet access. Due to the size of the class, everyone is muted throughout the training. You can ask questions via a chat panel, and at the end the instructor will unmute people for Q&A time.

How many people can be trained in an instructor-led onsite training?

We recommend no more than 20 people per one trainer. After leading hundreds of trainings, we’ve found that 20 is the highest number of students for a productive on-site session. If you add more students, the quality of the learning experience goes down for everyone.

What training materials do I get after the training?

All training attendees will receive a copy of our training manual after their session. This is a 400+ page hyperlinked manual that covers detailed how-to steps for topics that are covered in a Basics training. Additionally, it has sections for Document Control, Collaboration, and Measurements and Takeoffs. Customers who purchase a web training course or custom web training will receive a recording as well.

How long does it take to organize an on-site training?

For on-site trainings, we schedule about 8–10 weeks out depending on availability. We go through a detailed and robust preparation process that includes pre-training surveys to understand the current level of knowledge for each person and their individual interests. Next, we have a discovery call to talk in-depth about your current workflows and what you want to get out of the training. The best person to have on this call would be the point of contact for the training, as well as the most experienced Revu user in your group. This will allow us to gather detailed workflow information so the training can be tailored for you. The Bluebeam trainer will be on this call and will translate this information into a custom agenda.

How quickly can I get a web course scheduled?

It depends on trainer availability, but generally we can schedule web courses within 3–4 weeks. The more flexibility you have with date and time, the quicker we can get you scheduled.

How interactive are your instructor-led trainings?

If you want a highly interactive training, our on-site trainings are the way to go. These are set up as traditional classroom-style trainings. Since we are often spending a whole day together, we have the time to incorporate hands-on learning exercises to better integrate the information. Typically the trainer will first show how a particular process is done, and then the attendees will try it out on their own computers. The trainer will be walking the room and available to help anyone who needs extra assistance.

If you have questions that were not answered here, please email

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What payment methods do you accept?

For web store purchases, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

To place a purchase order with net 30 payment terms, please email a formal PO as an attachment to You may also fax it to 626-398-9210. Please allow up to one business day for your order to be processed.

What is my order status?

You should receive your Revu license information within minutes after your purchase. In some cases, your order may require manual review. If this is the case, you will be contacted by a Bluebeam representative within the next business day.

I received my license key, but I am still waiting for my receipt. When will I receive it?

You will receive an emailed receipt within one business day of your purchase.

I can’t find my license key information. What should I do?

The license information is emailed from Please check your spam/junk folder if you don't see it. If you still can’t find it, email us at or call us at 866-496-2140 Opt. 1 for assistance.

How do I get a copy of the receipt?

Please contact For a faster response, please include your license information and the order number.


How do I download my purchase?

You can download all Revu products here, including legacy releases. If you already made a purchase, please make sure your download is the same as your purchase.

How do I get technical support for my product?

Visit our Support website. The site includes numerous technical support articles and video tutorials that may provide answers to your questions. You can also submit a support ticket here.


Returning a product purchased directly from Bluebeam

We will happily exchange or refund any product purchased directly from Bluebeam (through the web store or a Bluebeam representative) if a request is made within 30 days of the purchase date.

Make sure your computer is connected to the internet. If you are offline, you will not be able to unregister your license key, and the Bluebeam representative will not be able to process your refund.

To unregister the product you wish to exchange or return:

Go to Programs > Bluebeam Software > Bluebeam Administrator and select the Tools menu. Click Unregister to release your license key.

- OR -

Go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and select Bluebeam PDF Solutions v.x.x.x. from the list. Follow the steps to completely uninstall the product, and your license key will be released automatically.

Contact Bluebeam Customer Service with the following information:

  • Your name, email and phone number
  • The product you're returning
  • The serial number or Cash Sale number
  • The reason for the return
  • The purchase price

A Bluebeam representative will verify that your license is not in use, void your license certificate and process your refund within one business day.

Note: Credit card purchases will be refunded to the same credit card used for the original purchase. A purchase order will be refunded or issued a credit depending on the status of payment.

Returning Bluebeam products purchased through an Authorized Reseller

To return a Bluebeam product you purchased through an Authorized Reseller, you must contact the reseller to process your refund. The reseller may exchange or refund the purchase according to their return policy or within 30 days of the purchase date—whichever is earlier.

Bluebeam does not accept returns for the following types of products:

Not-for-resale (NFR), Trial, OEM bundled, pirated, or free products or versions, Online Service Subscriptions or Maintenance renewals, products purchased from an online auction site or from an individual, and products or versions of products that Bluebeam no longer distributes or supports.

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