Bluebeam Revu Licensing Guide

We offer three licensing options for Bluebeam® Revu® for Windows®.

Wondering which one is right for you? Start here.


Perpetual License

Perpetual Licenses register Revu to individual workstations using a serial number and a product key. Once purchased, it’s yours forever.

  • Most popular licensing option
  • Available for all editions of Revu
  • Maintenance available as an optional add-on (annual subscription)
  • Revu license is a one-time purchase

Cost Breakdown

$349 | $449 | $599

Revu Perpetual License

Standard | CAD | eXtreme

$99 | $119 | $149

Maintenance Subscription Optional

Standard | CAD | eXtreme

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Enterprise License Package

Our Enterprise License Package includes a Perpetual License and Maintenance—and allows you to easily manage computer turnover.

  • Preferred option for companies or IT admins looking to manage computer turnover via our admin portal, the Bluebeam Gateway
  • Allows temporary 5% installation overage
  • Available for all editions of Revu
  • Includes Maintenance and Enterprise License (annual subscription)
  • Revu license is a one-time purchase

Cost Breakdown

$349 | $449 | $599

Revu Perpetual License

Standard | CAD | eXtreme

$99 | $119 | $149

Maintenance Subscription Included

Standard | CAD | eXtreme


Enterprise License Subscription Fee


Open License

An Open License is a concurrent license option that allows companies to authorize Revu eXtreme® for any user from a shared pool of seats. It’s billed annually.

  • Most flexible option
  • Access Revu concurrently from shared pool of seats
  • View and manage Revu usage via the Bluebeam Gateway
  • Available for Revu eXtreme only
  • Includes Maintenance
  • Annual subscription

Cost Breakdown


Revu Open License Subscription
(eXtreme only)

Maintenance Subscription Included


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Get world-class support, exclusive features and free upgrades with Maintenance.



Optional add-on for Perpetual Licenses
Included in Enterprise License Packages
Included in Open Licenses

Maintenance gives you direct access to our technical support team, the ability to upload and distribute drawings to the field via the Bluebeam Drawings web app, as well as free upgrades to the latest version of Revu within one year of purchase.

  • Premium phone and email support
  • Upload access for Bluebeam Drawings
  • Free product upgrades within one year of purchase
  • Renewable annually

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my seat of Revu on multiple devices?

With a Perpetual License, seats of Revu can only be registered to one device at a time. If you need to use Revu on a second device, you’ll need to purchase another seat of Revu.

If you’re interested in flexible concurrent usage, we recommend our Open Licensing option.

How are Perpetual Licenses registered?

When you purchase a Perpetual License, you’ll receive an email with a serial number and product key that you’ll use to register seats of Revu to individual devices.

Can I add seats to my existing license?

Yes! Additional Seats must share the same serial number, product key, Revu edition and Maintenance term (if applicable).

Which license will work on my virtual machine?

For Citrix-Ready environments, we recommend buying an Open License. Perpetual Licenses will work too, though you’ll need to buy as many seats as there are Revu users in your organization to stay compliant with our End User License Agreement.

Do any of the Revu license types run on Mac?

All editions of Revu run on Windows, regardless of license type.

I still have questions about Revu licenses.

Let us know how we can help.

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