Studio Prime

Studio Prime is an annual subscription, priced according to the total number of Studio users. Users consist of Members and Collaborators participating in all managed Projects and Sessions. All levels of Studio Prime include global management.

Level Price Per Month* Allowed Users
1 $195 100 Users
2 $345 200 Users
3 $795 500 Users
4 $1,495 1000 Users
5 $2,995 2,500 Users
6 $6,995 Unlimited Users
*Charged Annually

How to Purchase Studio Prime

A purchase agreement must be signed and submitted to Bluebeam in order to authorize the use of the license through the subscription period.

For more information on pricing and purchasing Studio Prime for your company, please contact your Bluebeam account representative, or contact us here:

626.788.4100 (opt. 1)