A list, a table, a worksheet and a whole lot more.

Want to know who said what, when? Pull up the Markups list to see an annotation's author, date and time, and set custom markup statuses to track review processes. Create Custom Columns with formulas to estimate costs, or select materials from a dropdown list. Group related markups while still maintaining individual control with Revu's exclusive SmartGroup™ feature, which even calculates subtotals automatically when you group measurement annotations. When all is said and done, export comprehensive markup reports from one or multiple files to a CSV, XML or PDF Summary. Specify the information to include by using powerful sort and filter tools, create a personalized Summary Template, and then save your settings to produce customized PDF markup reports at any time. Append and hyperlink your summary to the original PDF, or print to a local printer. What can't the Markups list do?

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