Vu for iPad

Stay connected to the latest project documents.

The AEC-standard PDF viewer

Bluebeam Vu, our free PDF viewer, helps you keep up with project teams that are using Revu in the field.

Key Features for Bluebeam Vu for iPad



Store files between your iPad and Studio Projects, Dropbox, Box, Citrix ShareFile or WebDAV accounts



Easily view PDF details, find text, and jump to bookmarks



Verify measurements in the field

Bluebeam Studio—included in every version of Revu

Join Studio Sessions initiated in Revu to enable an extensive list of markup tools. Collaborate on the same set of drawings with partners worldwide in real time, or any time, all within a common data environment.

A Value-Added Platform

Access all of the real-time collaboration and document management features Studio has to offer at no added cost.


Work on the same set of PDFs with project partners.


Access project files that are stored in a secure database.


Receive timely notifications on document and user status changes.

Activity Tracking

View tracked markups, collaboration activity and file revisions.

Studio Prime

Gain more control over your projects with advanced administrative visibility over your organization’s Studio activity, with access to external application integrations. Learn More.

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