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Bluebeam Revu Increases Aksa Revenue by 23%


After securing business opportunities within the U.S. market for the first time, Bosnian-Herzegovinian civil engineering firm Aksa, from the city of Zenica, had to face process challenges. In addition to the fact that Aksa had to adapt to new ways of working and communicating, the firm also needed to calculate the surfaces and quantities needed for the construction of buildings and the execution of final works in short time frames. A higher level of collaboration in terms of sharing project information and data was also necessary.


At the client’s request, Aksa decided to use Bluebeam® Revu®, an innovative technology solution that sets the standard for project efficiency and collaboration for AEC professionals worldwide. Revu made it easier to estimate surface and volume, and greatly saved time in exchanging project information. Thanks to Bluebeam Studio, communication between offices located on two different continents was also easier than it had been during previous projects. The necessary collaboration was achieved, facilitating the sharing and hosting of valuable project information.


  • Increased the volume of work resulting in a 23% increase in company revenue in 2018 compared to 2017
  • The rich library of tools and possibilities within Revu has replaced up to five other digital solutions or pieces of software that a company would use for the same job
  • Bluebeam Studio allowed real-time, seamless communication and markups between offices on two different continents

“By implementing Bluebeam Revu, we have opened up a new market and achieved the possibility of fulfilling all the demands of investors from any part of the world.”

Anel Hajdarević U.S. Market Lead Aksa Group
woman in office working on computer with construction files
Working in Revu allows Aksa to be more efficient in editing, mark up and collaboration across the entire project lifecycle.

New business partners – a new way of working in 2022!

Founded by respectable Bosnian-Herzegovinian architect Zvjezdan Turkić, the private, independent consultancy firm Aksa has been operating for 30 years within the construction industry. The quality, reliability and professionalism of this company has been recognized by such clients such as the World Bank, the European Union Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, USAID, Ina Mol, Messer, as well as the Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with each completed job being rated with the highest scores. Three years ago, Aksa was offered a project by clients in the United States. As Aksa headquarters are based within Bosnia and Herzegovina, accepting the job meant finding out the best way to work and communicate with these new U.S. customers. “When a U.S. business partner appeared, the first step was to get acquainted with the technology they wanted to use. We concluded that we needed Bluebeam Revu for successful collaboration,” explains Anel Hajdarević, leader of the Aksa Group for the American market. Due the clear user interface of Revu, the Aksa team was able to implement the digital solution into their business within a relatively short period of time. Bluebeam facilitated Aksa’s workflows and also improved the company’s knowledge of PDF-based document management.

group of people on a balcony
Aksa increased the volume of work resulting in a 23% boost in company revenue in 2018 compared to 2017.

Precision and communication

“In order to provide the client with a high-quality project with complete data precision, most of the tasks that needed to be done would be impossible to do in some other software; considering that we get projects in PDF format,” says Ajla Divoš, an Aksa employee. One issue raised by the U.S. customers was the need to measure facade panels precisely. Using Revu, Aksa was able to do just that, achieving 100% precision and accuracy for surface measurements within the project. “With Bluebeam Studio, communication with customers on the other continent was excellent. Thanks to the tools for markups and the ability to send projects through hyperlinks, all mistakes were noticed in advance, and great time savings were made across the entire project,” Divoš explains. The ability to work simultaneously while commenting and working within the same tools enabled fluid and interactive collaboration between all participants.

“We teach our employees that working and acquiring new knowledge and new technologies should not be an obstacle; rather a challenge that will ultimately result in success.”

Senaida Turkić
President of the Managing Board of the Association of Employers of Zenica
Director of Aksa

Besides the calculation of the surface area of the finishing work, Hajdarević also emphasizes early cooperation in data gathering with the client regarding the build space to establish a full understanding of the scope of the work during pre-construction. “I would point out the comprehensiveness of Bluebeam Revu. In order for the business to have had success within the U.S. market, we would certainly need upwards of five new software programs to calculate the quantities and surfaces. Bluebeam has not only saved us money, it has also enlarged our staff and overall business success.” Hajdarević highlights the specificity of U.S. business in relation to the regional market. Namely, copyright in the AEC industry in the United States is highly protected, so project information gets exchanged exclusively through PDF formats, while in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighboring countries, information and drafting are still most often done by sending open formats that allow changes to all elements.

man working on digital construction software
Studio Projects allowed for real-time collaboration across offices on two different continents.

Formula for success

President of the Board of Directors of the Association of Employers of Zenica and the director of Aksa, Senaida Turkić, pointed out that all business activities of the firm are based on a quality policy that encompasses the current and future needs of clients and fulfills their expectations. This involves investing in technological advancement. Since the very beginning of the company, Aksa has been open to new ideas and technological innovations as the key to their success. By investing and implementing Revu, a very successful collaboration with partners from the United States has been achieved, which opened up new jobs within Aksa and increased the company’s profits. Introducing Revu also increased the efficiency of engineers while helping them advance in skill and build knowledge. Turkić points out that thanks to the new opportunities Bluebeam helped provide within the U.S. market, the profits of the company increased by 23% in 2018 in comparison to 2017. “We teach our employees that working and acquiring new knowledge and new technologies should not be an obstacle, rather a challenge that will ultimately result in success. That’s exactly what happened with Bluebeam Revu.”

* Aksa is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina and purchased Bluebeam products through Baldinistudios, a Bluebeam Silver Reseller.

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