Need Drawings upload access?
Send this to your IT admin.

Here's an email template you can use to easily request Drawings upload access from your company's Bluebeam license admin.

1. Click the "Copy Email" button to copy template to clipboard.

Hi {Your License Admin’s Name},

I’d like to request upload access for Bluebeam Drawings, an app that allows users to view sheets on any device, anywhere.

If we have a Bluebeam Maintenance subscription, upload access to Drawings is completely free. As our company’s license admin, you can set permissions and manage Drawings Uploaders in Bluebeam’s admin portal, the Gateway.

To add me as a Drawings Uploader in the Gateway, select My Account, then click Manage Drawings Users. From there you can select an available license and add me as a new Drawings Uploader.

Once added, I’ll be able to upload sheets in the Bluebeam Drawings web app and distribute them to viewers in the field.

Learn more about adding Drawings Uploaders here.


{Your Name}

2. Paste text into new email.

3. Swap in the correct names and adjust text as needed.

4. Send!

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