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Bluebeam Revu securely hosts a shared PDF markup environment for easy access to project information onshore and offshore. Digitally annotate PDFs and document shutdown processes to save time and improve communication.

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Accelerate Design Reviews

Traditional design reviews are tedious, and centralising feedback from all stakeholders is critical for avoiding costly changes. Revu speeds up design reviews by allowing project partners to markup and collaborate on the same documents in real time.


Bluebeam Revu's markup and tracking tools allows offshore teams to digitally record who shuts down a valve and when, resulting in improved communication with onshore partners and increased project safety.


Bluebeam Revu's markup and status tools allows onshore and offshore teams to plan flange breaks and isolations while tracking the changes as they are implemented. For example, each time a job progresses, the status of a joint shows detailed information, enabling increased accountability and removing uncertainty.

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"We use it everywhere: we use it in fabrication, design, engineering, document control, estimating–everywhere. Revu is the duct tape that we apply to almost every problem."
Mark Henry
Sr. Field Engineer - McCarl’s Inc.

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