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Parenti & Raffaelli Get Shop Drawings Into the Field Faster With Revu iPad

Headquartered northwest of Chicago in Mount Prospect, IL, Parenti & Raffaelli, LTD has been providing full architectural millwork services for over 60 years. As the millwork subcontractor on Bluebeam’s new Chicago office, the Parenti & Raffaelli team provided all the custom millwork for the office, including the wood siding, kitchen and social gathering area.

Before beginning the project, the company had decided to implement Revu as part of their initiative to go paperless. Not only did they discover using Revu helped them reduce their paper usage, but it was also much easier than they expected to change from a paper-based workflow to going digital with PDF. Instead of waiting for large shop drawings, price quotes or purchase orders to be printed, they could now easily convert those drawings to PDF, share them with other team members and add their comments using Revu’s markup tools. And, as a family-owned company looking for a cost-effective solution, they appreciated that Revu fit into their budget while also helping them save about $0.40 per sheet in printing costs.

For Bluebeam’s Chicago office, Parenti & Raffaelli leveraged Revu to collaborate with the project team, including Gensler Architects and Clune Construction. With Revu’s markup tools, they were able to add their pricing quotes and scopes sheets to the existing floor plans and share them with the team. They also deployed Revu iPad to help them save time in the field. Project Manager L.J. Neri shared, “For us, it’s all about the shop drawings, and when we’re in the field, it’s critical to have them in front of us as soon as possible. Using Revu on iPads allowed us to have instant access to those shop drawings, offering a huge time savings.” Ultimately, using Revu iPad allowed them to get the drawings into the field two to three days faster, since they no longer had to wait for their trucks to deliver the paper drawings.

The Parenti team utilized Bluebeam Revu iPad for marking up shop drawings in the field.

The team also found some unexpected benefits of using Revu. Neri added, “Revu has enabled us to work more efficiently, but it’s also helped us look more professional as a company. We’ve been able to replace scanned files and sloppy handwriting with professional-looking documents with electronic markups and comments that are easy to read. It’s definitely given us an edge over our competition.”

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