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​​Los Angeles Bluebeam
User Group

The Los Angeles Skyline, with mountains in the background

​​Los Angeles Bluebeam
User Group

LAXBUG meets quarterly and draws participants that span a wide area of Southern California. Members brave traffic to take part in the group’s impactful meetings!


LAXBUG was the first BUG on the West Coast. With a regional dynamic influenced by the entertainment industry, participants set the pace for innovative solutions that combine technology and imagination. Organizations like Morrow Meadows, Suffolk Construction, KTGY, Worley, Mead & Hunt, and HNTB consistently set the tone for valuable discussions.

LAXBUG is eager to grow and encourages new members to join the group and actively participate!

Erin Khan headshot

Erin Khan

Erin is the founder and consultant of Erin Khan Consulting. With over a decade of industry experience, Erin applies her knowledge in data analytics, process innovation, and tech adoption to empower companies as they embark on their journey to improve the built world through technology. As an avid Bluebeam user and LAXBUG member since the group’s inception, Erin says, “Co-championing LAXBUG is important to me, because it is simultaneously inspiring and humbling: it fuels my passion to facilitate the future of AEC while empowering me alongside our members to learn from some of the most innovative minds the Los Angeles construction industry has to offer.”

Erin Khan headshot

Trevor Musia

Trevor applies his “work smarter, not harder” mentality while working as an estimator with Morrow Meadows and as a co-champion of the Los Angeles BUG. Trevor is committed to helping educate his peers and the industry to adapt to the ever-changing digital world. As Trevor always says, “it’s all about efficiency.”

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