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SeaBUG draws in a wide range of AEC professionals and meets regularly at different industry locations throughout Seattle.

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About SeaBUG

SeaBUG was the first BUG to launch in the Northwest back in 2015. Seattle is known as a technology hotbed with unique building challenges that include density and topography. As construction continues to boom in this market, cranes fill the skyline, and these challenges affect the daily work of SeaBUG members. With that, technology is a tremendous ally to these local professionals. Group participants from companies like Hoffman Construction, Howard S. Wright - a Balfour Beatty Company, Ryan Companies, PSF Mechanical, McKinstry and DLR Group bring a diverse sampling of different perspectives to regular meetings.

SeaBUG is excited for continued growth and encourages local industry professionals to join the group!

​Eric Earman

​Eric Earman

With 21 years of industry experience, Eric, who’s currently at 1-Alliance Geomatics, views championing SeaBUG as an opportunity to build a community of professional friendships while sharing the powerful benefits of Bluebeam® Revu®.

​Tim Egan

​Tim Egan

As a construction technology program manager, Tim actively manages new hardware and software for McKinstry, including advancing the use of all things Bluebeam. He helps co-chair the SeaBUG with the belief that sharing ideas, best practices and tools with industry peers can only improve the entire industry.

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