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LABUG meets quarterly and draws participants that span a wide area of Southern California. Members brave traffic to take part in the group's impactful meetings!


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​About LABUG

LABUG was the first BUG on the West Coast. With a regional dynamic influenced by the entertainment industry, participants set the pace for innovative solutions that combine technology and imagination. Organizations like Lendlease, Bernards Construction, Steinberg Hart, University of Southern California and Morley Builders consistently set the tone for valuable discussions.

LABUG is eager to grow and encourages new members to join the group and actively participate!

Gautam Shenoy

Gautam Shenoy

Gautam Shenoy is the BIM/VDC director for Steinberg Hart and leads LABUG with over 17 years of industry experience. He is passionate about leveraging technology tools toward an integrated approach for design and construction. Gautam looks forward to sharing his knowledge and learning from others as a part of LABUG.

Erin Khan

Erin Khan

Erin is the Los Angeles Smart Lab Director at Suffolk Construction, where she is responsible for driving construction operational excellence through data analytics, process innovation and technology in the Southern California region. As an avid Bluebeam user and LABUG member since the group’s inception, Erin says, "Co-championing LABUG is important to me, because it is simultaneously inspiring and humbling: it fuels my passion to facilitate the future of AEC while empowering me alongside our members to learn from some of the most innovative minds the Los Angeles construction industry has to offer."

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