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EdmBUG welcomes all AEC professionals and technology enthusiasts from Edmonton and surrounding areas. The group meets quarterly to share industry knowledge and best practices.

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About EdmBUG

EdmBUG launched in October 2019 and is the first Bluebeam User Group to make its mark in Canada. The group embraces the power of peer-sharing and collaboration and discusses creative workflows, tips and tricks, and digital innovations that impact the region.

EdmBUG empowers its members to be the champion influencers in their own companies and welcomes all Revu users looking to build upon their skills to join the group.

EdmBUG group photo

EdmBUG in session

Greg Cadrin

Greg Cadrin

Greg is a quality analyst and 18-year industry veteran. By utilizing collaborative workflow tools, like Revu, on major construction projects, he’s a disruptive influencer in the oil and gas industries. Greg believes that EdmBUG will empower industry professionals to share their knowledge with peers and mentor all new and existing Bluebeam Revu users in the community.

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