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DallasBUG meets bi-annually and brings together a cross section of the area's most influential AEC tech enthusiasts.

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About DallasBUG

DallasBUG launched in 2017 and was the first BUG to organize a formal leadership team. Currently, forward-thinking representatives from HKS Architects, Rogers-O'Brien, Campos Engineering, and CORE Construction spearhead the group. Local industry participation in the group is diverse, as members come from organizations that play a role in every phase of the building process.

The group focuses on providing valuable content in a fun, collaborative environment and encourages all AEC professionals to join their group. DallasBUG is determined to prove that everything is bigger and better in Texas!

Tyler Jones

Tyler Jones

As a construction administrator and BIM specialist on HKS’s practice technology team, Tyler is excited to bring his technology and technology standards expertise to DallasBUG. Tyler says that being the DallasBUG Champion will allow him to “continue to bring Bluebeam to the front of discussions as a solution to our architecture practices and in turn share that with a city of Bluebeam users across the industry as it’s extremely important as a whole to share in our pursuit for a more streamlined and efficient industry.”

Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson

Scott harmonizes his years of field experience with his passion for testing and learning new ways to leverage Bluebeam Revu. As a result of this mindset, Scott is dedicated to driving the industry forward through his progressive thinking and commitment to educating his industry peers. Scott believes learning new ways to work smarter, not harder, and expanding industry knowledge should be fun, and DallasBUG is just the platform. "Sharing information with our industry peers, whether they're in the office or the boots on the ground, will not only help to increase work efficiency, and simplify workflows, but it will help each and every one of us to work smarter and allow us to spend more time with our families after the work."

Joseph Campos

Joseph Campos

Joseph is the chief innovation officer at Campos Engineering and is passionate about innovation and continuous improvement. The DallasBUG community has provided an opportunity for Joseph to learn from fellow industry peers and share his own Bluebeam experience. Joseph says he is “amazed at the creativity and passion showed by DallasBUG members and their willingness to share their skills and knowledge.” Joseph sees Bluebeam as a critical tool for the AEC industry as it advances into the future.

Steering Committee Members

  • Italo Cruz, The CORE Group, Ltd.

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