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Optimising Project Handover
and Defect Inspection

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear expert tips for effectively improving your defect inspection and project handover processes with Bluebeam.

You’ll learn:

The power of cloud storage as it relates to document access and management in the handover process
Bluebeam best practices for managing and handing over documents at the end of a project
Bluebeam best practices for setting up documents to ensure a smooth defect inspection process
How to track issues and ensure all team members have access to resolve them in a timely way
Two professionals shake hands on a jobsite

Watch Webinar

Webinar Speakers

Headshot of Erik Schonsett
Erik Schonsett

Consulting Services Manager
Bluebeam, Inc.

Headshot of Charles Todd
Charles Todd

Industry Consultant
Bluebeam, Inc.

Headshot of David Rekker, Senior Manager of Customer Success at Bluebeam
Host: David Rekker

Senior Manager of Customer Success
Bluebeam, Inc.