Go paperless on a government budget.

Bluebeam® Revu® helps cities, counties, states and federal government agencies adopt more efficient processes for permitting and electronic plan reviews.

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Learn how Revu reduces paper usage by more than 85%


Store PDFs and any other file type in the cloud for free, and review PDFs with colleagues in real time, or any time, using Revu's integrated collaboration solution, Bluebeam Studio™.

Government agencies using Revu also use the following Bluebeam Advanced Technologies:

Bluebeam Q®

The ultimate solution for creating high-quality PDFs in a centrally managed environment by automating the production of PDFs from original source files.


bFX is a protocol that enables Bluebeam Revu to open PDF files from a remote location, add markups and then post the markups back into the remote location.

Studio Enterprise

A server-based solution for firms that want to use Bluebeam Studio™ to collaborate and share information in a locally hosted environment.


Since implementing Bluebeam into our plan review process, we have measurable results. We no longer have to 'wait in line' for our chance to review a plan set which translates into faster project completion times. The City of Rowlett is committed to going green, and one of the initiatives is to go paperless. With Revu, we no longer have various stages of plan sets lying around. You can tell that the team at Bluebeam listened to members of the industry and developed a software that is above and beyond what others offer. Ryan Corbello, Engineering Assistant, City of Rowlett, Texas