Revu: A best-in-class solution

Once you purchase Bluebeam® Revu® with Perpetual Licensing, it’s yours forever: you’ll never lose the ability to create custom annotations, perform quantity estimations, compare documents and more. To take advantage of upgrades to the software and world-class support, you can purchase Maintenance with your licence.

Revu Pricing and FAQs

All editions of Revu run on Windows®.

Includes Studio

Revu Standard

£289 per seat

Upgrade an existing seat for £199

The essential solution for intuitive 2D and 3D PDF markup, editing and collaboration.

Key Features

2D and 3D PDF Annotation
Markups List
Tool Chest
Compare Documents
Measurement Tools

Includes Studio

Revu CAD

£369 per seat

Upgrade an existing seat for £249

The solution for CAD users that includes smart plugins for 2D and 3D PDF creation.

Key Features

  • Includes Standard Features

Plugins for 2D PDFs
Plugins for 3D PDFs
Batch Creation

Includes Studio

Revu eXtreme®

£498 per seat

Upgrade an existing seat for £319

The robust solution built for power users who want to automate complex processes and push the limits of document collaboration.

Key Features

  • Includes Standard Features
  • Includes CAD Features

Automatic Form Creation
Batch Link®
Batch Slip Sheet
Batch Sign & Seal
Quantity Link


Which edition of Revu is right for me?

Revu comes in three editions to suit the unique needs of a variety of design and construction workflows. To find the edition that’s right for you, check out our helpful product selector.

What is Studio?

Built into Bluebeam Revu, Studio enables powerful cloud-based document management and real-time collaboration.

If I have multiple devices, do I need to purchase multiple seats to access Revu on all of them?

A Perpetual License registers Revu on a per device basis so you’ll need to purchase multiple seats of Revu.

Are there more flexible licensing plans available?

Yes. An annual Open Licensing subscription ($1,299) allows you to authorise concurrent access to Revu eXtreme for any user in your company from a shared pool of seats. Seats can be added to an existing Open License at any time and are prorated based on the renewal date. Active subscriptions are also entitled to free upgrades and Maintenance.

I’m interested in purchasing for 50 or more employees. What are my options?

We'd love to discuss your company's needs to determine the best fit. Let us know if you're interested.

Do you have an iPad® app?

Yes, we do. You can purchase and download it here.

Get world-class support and new features with Maintenance

Maintenance includes premium support via phone or email, Bluebeam Drawings™ and free upgrades to future releases of Revu within one year of your purchase.

Revu Standard

£79 per seat/year

Revu CAD

£95 per seat/year

Revu eXtreme

£119 per seat/year

Maintenance FAQs

When can I purchase Maintenance?

Maintenance is available through our web store at the time of purchase and is renewable annually. Please contact us or contact your reseller if you've forgotten to purchase Maintenance.

What’s included in Maintenance?

Maintenance includes one year of free upgrades to Revu and direct phone support from our Technical Support team. Maintenance can be renewed annually. Users without it have access to our support ticket system, support site and free training materials.

How do I upgrade Revu without Maintenance?

You can upgrade without Maintenance anytime through our web store. Please note that the full upgrade price is required.

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