Get to Know Revu 2018

Revu User Interface (UI) Tour

Take a look at the streamlined UI, which will help you get to the tools you need faster, provide more room to work with your documents and boost your productivity.

Introduction to Studio

Start working together in Bluebeam® Studio—the collaboration tool in Revu® that allows you to mark up, manage and share documents with all of your project stakeholders.

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Learn how your team can use the collaboration tools in Revu to improve productivity, transparency and accountability in the Design Review process—ensuring your clients receive the quality they expect.


Learn how Revu makes working with complex documents easy and accessible for anyone. Use Bluebeam Studio to manage and distribute these documents to anyone, in the office or the field, with or without internet connection.


Revu saves you valuable time by quickly and efficiently creating drawing sets that are fast and simple to navigate.


Make the QA/QC process more efficient by eliminating the need for duplicate drawing copies, travel and other time-consuming review processes. You will learn to achieve a basic setup for QA/QC review, which produces predictable, repeatable results while minimizing risks for your clients.

Takeoffs - Concrete

Use the power of the Tool Chest and Markups List to quickly perform concrete measurements.

Takeoffs - Steel

Use the power of the Tool Chest and Markups List to quickly perform steel measurements.

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Continue Your Training

Free Training Videos

Frischen Sie Ihre Kenntnisse der Revu-Funktionen auf – über unsere umfangreiche Bibliothek an kurzen Überblickvideos, die alle Aspekte des Programms behandeln.


The Bluebeam Technical Services team is continually developing FAQ articles, troubleshooting guides and How-To videos to get you on your way as quickly as possible.

Online-Schulung im individuellen Tempo

Profitieren Sie von einer fundierten, umfassenden Schulung zu typischen Revu-Workflows in dem idealen Tempo für Sie.

Weitere Informationen

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