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We push the boundaries of innovation, developing simple, smart solutions for design and construction professionals worldwide.

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Our award-winning software, Bluebeam Revu, serves as an industry-leading markup and collaboration solution that connects all projects and teams, setting the standard for design and construction professionals. The key to our success is a customer-focused approach to product development.

About Bluebeam

Bluebeam launched in 2002, and adoption of our software by the worldwide Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) community has grown steadily ever since 2003, when DMJHM+H (currently AECOM) – one of the world’s largest design and engineering firms – chose Bluebeam Pushbutton PDF as its PDF solution.

Today, over 1 million people throughout the world use Revu. In the US, we’re a critical partner for the majority of top AEC firms. Globally, we’re expanding our presence rapidly with an office in Sweden and customers in 130 countries. In 2014, we joined Nemetschek, which allows us to connect with even more AEC professionals around the world.

4+ Billion

Bluebeam Studio transactions since 2010

1+ Million

Bluebeam Revu users worldwide


of top US contractors


of top international design firms


of top US design firms


of top US specialist contractors


"Using Revu’s custom tool sets, profiles and data-tracking features to perform quantity takeoffs, we can finally standardise how we capture data and tie it to our estimating assemblies, improving the flow of information."
Greg Martin, The Weitz Company


Jon Elliott


Don Jacob


Tracy Heverly


Jim Atkinson


Vice Presidents

Aaron Courdy

VP Channel Services

Jose Godinez

VP Development

Kristine Hopkins

VP Client Services

Kristine Willis

VP Marketing

Patrick Keller

VP Product Management

Sasha Reed

VP Strategic Development


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55 S. Lake Ave., Ste. 900
Pasadena, CA 91101

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San Diego

550 W C St #1940,
San Diego, CA 92101

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400 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 1500,
Chicago, IL 60611

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250 Commercial St., Ste. 2016,
Manchester, NH 03101

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Kistagangen 12,
1640 40, Kista, Sweden

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