Streamline your defect inspection process

By sorting and summarising punch items within drawings, Revu® helps project teams achieve a 90% completion rate on first back check.

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The right tools for the job

Markups List

Markups List

All your markups appear in an integrated, customisable list for easy tracking and simple creation of PDF, CSV or XML reports.

Tool Chest

Tool Chest

Save and organise custom markups and measurements for easy reuse, and share them with colleagues to streamline communication.



Define an area in a PDF as a Space to track and sort defects markups more efficiently.


Store your preferred toolbars, tool sets and display settings in a custom interface profile, or choose from pre-loaded profiles.

Defects symbols

Indicate jobsite deficiencies on a floorplan using the preloaded Punchkey symbols in Revu.

Batch Markup Summary

Create customised reports from information in the Markups List across multiple PDFs.


Embed photos – including 360º images – and videos, from the field or your image library, into any markup.


Access, navigate and annotate your PDF files from anywhere, anytime using the Revu for iPad app.

"By now I'm using the functionalities without even thinking about using them. It comes naturally because I use the program so extensively."
Jimmy Forsberg

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