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Get the latest version of Revu, or download an older release.
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Get the latest version of Revu

Download 20.2.70

Important: you’ll need your Revu 20 serial number and product key to unlock
the software. If you're a licence owner with active Maintenance, you can upgrade
to get your Revu 20 serial number and product key here.

Looking for the deployment packages?

Packages and installation instructions can be found here.


Need an older version?

Here are the releases available for each version.

Please note: Revu 2019 and earlier versions are no longer for sale. Development updates and technical support for these versions will end in March 2023. Learn more here.

Download Revu 2019

Download Revu 2018

Important: Make sure the version you download matches the one on your licence certificate, otherwise your serial number and product key won’t work.

Frequently Asked Questions

I only see one installer. How do I download Revu eXtreme/CAD/Standard?

Revu uses a single installer for Standard, CAD and eXtreme. For Revu 2019 and Revu 20, your serial number and product key will automatically assign the correct edition for installation. For Revu 2018 and below, you'll be prompted to choose your preferred edition once you begin installation.

I don’t have my serial number or product key.

You can contact your licence owner to request that information. In the meantime, you’ll still be able to use Revu free for 30 days.

How do I upgrade to a new version? (e.g., Revu 2019 to Revu 20)

Please buy a seat upgrade in our web store. If you have Maintenance, you can upgrade for free here. Once you get your new serial number and product key, download the software above and unregister your older version. You’ll then be able to register and install the new version.

How do I update to the latest dot release? (e.g. Revu 20.0 to Revu 20.x)

If you're using Revu 2019 or Revu 20, Revu alerts you when updates are available when you open the software. If you're updating 2018 or below, you can check for updates via Help > Check for Updates. You can also find the latest release of each version above (your existing serial number and product key will still work).

I’m trying to upgrade, but my serial number and product key don’t work.

You may be using a serial number and product key for an older version.

  • If you have Maintenance and are the licence owner, you can get your updated serial number and product key information here.
  • If you’re not a licence owner, please contact your licence owner (usually your IT administrator).
  • If you don’t have Maintenance and need to upgrade, you can purchase an upgrade in our web store.

I need the 32-bit version of Revu.

You can download the Revu 20 version here. Need an older 32-bit version?

Where can I find Revu for Mac?

We’ve discontinued development of Revu for Mac. However, if you have previously purchased Revu for Mac, you can find the download links here.

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