Introducing our


Smartcut No. 1

Nicholas Smith

Structural Engineer

Smartcut No. 2

Cathie Connew

Security Risk Consultant

Smartcut No. 3

Hayden Parker

Statutory Planner

Smartcut No. 4

Cherry Marquez

Senior Project Manager

Smartcut No. 5

Grant Sanderson

Cost Planner

Smartcut No. 6

Andrej Cabela


Smartcut No. 7

Jack Sharp

Technical Manager

Smartcut No. 8

Aroi Rodriquez

Electrical Engineer

Smartcut No. 9

Liz West

Engineering BIM/CAD Manager

Smartcut No. 10

Erin Khan

Construction Solutions Director

Smartcut No. 11

Gautam R. Shenoy

BIM-VDC Director

Smartcut No. 12

Florian Reicherzer


Smartcut No. 13

Jasminka Becker

Architect & Fire Protection Expert

Smartcut No. 14

Aurangzaib Mahmood

Applications Engineer

Smartcut No. 15

Andreas Falk

Managing Director & Owner

Smartcut No. 16

Pablo Giraldo

Assistant Construction Technology Manager

Smartcut No. 17

Jesper Tolstrup

Constructing Architect MAK - QA/IT responsible

Smartcut No. 18

Anders Lindeberg

Sales, Estimation & Business Development

Smartcut No. 19

Tom Richardson

CAD Manager

Smartcut No. 20

Mia Mathiasson

Design Manager

Smartcut No. 21

Adam Nilsson

Structural Engineer

Smartcut No. 22

Rebecca Sharp

Operations Technology Manager

Smartcut No. 23

Paul Pratter

Geotechnical Engineer

Smartcut No. 24

Julia Pratter

Civil Engineer

Smartcut No. 25

Dimitris Pithamitsis

Structural Engineering Team Lead

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