Increase productivity on the jobsite.

The powerful combination of Revu® and Motion Tablet PCs makes it easy for mobile professionals to view, markup and edit PDFs in the field.

Motion® Tablet PCs tested and proven to be compatible with Bluebeam® Revu®:

CL910 Tablet PC
CL900 Tablet PC
J3600 Tablet PC
J3500 Tablet PC

  • Complete site surveys, create field reports and generate punchlists digitally in PDF.
  • Revu's pre-defined tablet profile automatically displays PDFs in landscape mode for optimal viewing.
  • Double-click to zoom feature replicates a mouse wheel while a built-in "Shift" key enables additional functionality.
  • Revu provides twice the ink density as anything else on the market, capturing everything written with the tablet pen at a higher resolution resulting in greater clarity.
  • The back of the tablet pen has also been set for erasing, making PDF markup and PDF editing as easy as using, well, using your pen.
  • With Revu, a Motion Tablet PC and a wireless connection, you can access project files in the cloud and collaborate with project teams instantly using Bluebeam Studio™.

Get the Tools

Unzip and double-click the tool set to import into your Revu tool chest.

Here are some discipline specific punch keys to get you started: