Project Rover

Less paperwork. More fieldwork.

Effortlessly manage site inspections, RFIs and submittals on the go with Project Rover, the new, easy-to-use project and field management solution powered by Bluebeam Cloud.

Stay updated

A faster way to manage end-to-end tasks

Close snag items

  • Assign, track and close snag items
  • Organise items with Revu Spaces and attach photos
  • Create snag lists from drawings and map view in real time

Organise RFIs

  • Post RFIs to drawings and the map view to share across devices
  • Enable real-time access to the latest info

Simplify submittals

  • Assign, manage and organise submittals
  • Track reviews and approvals

Integrated seamlessly with Revu

Project Rover is fully compatible with PDFs and Studio Project files from Revu®, so you can easily leverage the power of annotations whenever, wherever.

Simple. Shareable. Smart.

Pick up and go

Stop getting bogged down in repetitive, time-consuming work. Project Rover gives you a quick, reliable way to complete tasks on the move.

  • Intuitive, user-friendly web and iOS mobile interface
  • Reliable offline support
  • Exports insights to your preferred BI tool

Keep teams on the same page

Poor communication causes confusion and rework. Project Rover keeps office and field in sync with a reliable single source of truth.

  • Accessible to all project partners
  • Compatible with your existing Studio Project files from Revu
  • Integrated seamlessly with SharePoint®, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Egnyte

Make better decisions

Disorganised project information leads to costly delays. Project Rover uses map functionality to visualise, connect and organise data, so you get the info and insights you need, where you need it.

  • Uses map view to give you situational awareness of field info
  • Finds the work around you automatically, overlaying drawings and plans to existing conditions
  • Integrates easily with third-party solutions

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Project Rover is available to try and purchase only for customers in the United States at this time.

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