Our response to the COVID-19 crisis

We remain committed to your health and safety during the ongoing
COVID-19 crisis. Read below to learn how we're responding and what
existing users can do to access Revu remotely.

Need to access Revu remotely?

To make sure you're able to work remotely during the COVID-19 crisis, we're providing all existing users with a free 30-day licence of Revu. Download your version below.

Download Revu for Windows

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Download Revu for Mac

Although we no longer support Revu for Mac, we understand Mac users may require access to Revu during this time.

Need more time?

Once your initial 30 days are up, click the button below to get an additional 60 days of free access to Revu. Providing your email will allow us to send you additional free resources for working remotely and will not be used for marketing purposes.

How to enter the code into Revu

  • 1. Once your initial 30 days of access are over, you’ll see this dialogue box appear. Click “OK”.

  • 2. Go to Revu > Register. If you have Revu 2017, go to Help > Register.

  • 3. Enter the codes (both the serial number and the product key) into fields provided.

  • 4. Click "Register" to extend your access for an additional 60 days.

Have any questions? We’re here to help.

25 March 2020

A message from Bluebeam CEO, Jon Elliott

To our community,

During this unprecedented time of challenge around the world, I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well. Our thoughts go out to each of you as we face the difficult days ahead and navigate through this strange, new reality together.

How we’re responding

Over the past several weeks, we’ve thought of our employees, customers and partners, and have been asking ourselves, “How can we help?” Health and safety are our top priorities and we’ve taken several steps to make sure that we’re protecting our community.

Based on updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, we’ve instituted a work from home policy, restricted all business-related travel, suspended all near-term proprietary Bluebeam events and closed offices in cities where local governments have instituted “stay at home” orders.

Accessing Revu remotely

At the same time, we also believe that keeping business moving forward is important for all of us in both the short and long term. Despite the uncertainty ahead, many critical projects still need to be delivered. But the sudden shift to working remotely has significantly disrupted workflows for many.

We understand that some of the biggest immediate challenges for our customers include lack of access to Revu and the inability to connect with project partners. In an effort to help our customers overcome these challenges, we’re offering 90-day access to Revu for any existing user free of charge so that Revu can remain a critical workflow tool regardless of current work realities. Please visit the “How to Access Revu Now” section of this page for more information and instructions.

Remote collaboration resources

Access to Revu also means access to Bluebeam Studio, which is built into Revu and enables project partners to virtually collaborate on project documents together in real time, regardless of where team members are in the world. The “Other Resources” section of this page will also provide helpful links to additional free training and reference resources including a new series of live half-hour webinars that will launch this week focused on Revu core functionality and collaborative workflows.

All of us here at Bluebeam are committed to supporting you through these uncharted times. We’ll continue to keep you updated in the coming days as we work toward keeping businesses moving forward and our community safe.

Stay well,
Jon Elliott

Other Resources

Need to collaborate with your team remotely? Here are some articles and videos to help you get started.

Here are your trial extension codes:

Please use the ones that correspond with the version you installed.

Revu 2019

Serial Number: 1001960
Product Key: BCW08-3AAJUD7

Revu 2018

Serial Number: 1001860
Product Key: 07H98-2A3YL57

Revu 2017

Serial Number: 1001760
Product Key: 4Q0G5-5AF4FA4

Revu for Mac

Serial Number: 1002060
Product Key: BCF4A-0N6NAWA

How do I input these codes into Revu?

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