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We've crafted our coursework to help you learn and then apply what you've learned. Step-by-step videos, interactive exercises and quick quizzes cement your learning. You'll receive a certificate of completion after you've mastered the course.

"The instructors do a great job of keeping things clear,
concise and fun. I’m noticeably faster with the program,
and I’m sharing awesome tips with my co-workers.
Melissa Allison
O.C. McDonald Co., Inc.

Bluebeam University Packages

Courses are for Bluebeam® Revu® and are presented in English.

Revu 2018 Power Pack

This package gives you access to all Bluebeam University courses, including Revu Basics, workflow courses and new courses as they are added.


for a year of access

Buy 2018/2019 Revu Power Pack

Revu Basics

This eight-hour online training course will give you the skills you need to learn Revu at your own pace and simplify your digital construction workflows.

You'll learn how to:

  • Mark up drawings and change the visual properties of markups
  • Create and share a custom Profile
  • Review annotation data in the Markups List and export summary
  • Collaborate in real time with teammates in Bluebeam Studio and more.


for a year of access

Buy Only 2018/2019 Basics

Additional courses (included with the Power Pack)

Drawing Management

  • Document modification
  • Drawing navigation
  • Drawing comparison
  • Easy navigation and field distribution with sets

Measurements, Takeoffs and Estimation

  • Prepare efficient measurements
  • Learn measurement tools in Revu
  • Customize and save measurements
  • Manage measurement data
  • Includes industry-specific takeoff examples

Field Issues

  • Preparing materials for recording issues
  • Issue workflow examples
  • Track and report issues
  • Field issue best practices

Building Project Dashboards

  • Why dashboards work
  • Tools for dashboard creation
  • Building dashboards
  • Dashboard best practices

Have more questions?

I’m new to Revu. What courses do you recommend?

We recommend new users start with our eight-hour foundational course, Revu Basics. If you want to learn more about more advanced workflows, you’ll want our Power Pack, which includes all the courses currently available through Bluebeam University.

Do I need Revu to take courses at Bluebeam University?

No, but we highly recommend it as the coursework focuses on typical Revu workflows. While all the coursework for Bluebeam University is completed via a web-based interface, we also have a number of downloadable exercises that you’ll need Revu to complete.

I only need one of the courses in the Power Pack. Can I purchase it separately?

The only course we sell separately is the Basics. Most of our users prefer the bundled Power Pack because it provides added value and deepens their knowledge of Revu.

I purchased a license for Revu. Does Bluebeam University come with it?

No, Bluebeam University is a separate purchase from the software. You can buy Bluebeam University subscriptions here.

How do I start taking courses once I’ve completed my purchase?

Once your order is processed, you’ll receive a welcome email with a link to set up your account. If you don’t see the email, be sure to check your spam folder. (If you don’t see it there, let us know.) Once logged in to, you’ll be able to begin your coursework.

Can I use Bluebeam University on an iPad?

Yes, however, you’ll need a full version of Revu to do the downloadable exercises. Some customers with iPads like to watch video tutorials on the iPad and follow along on their Windows laptop using the full version of Revu.

How do I complete a course? Will I receive a completion certificate?

You need to click through each lesson of the course and pass the final test at the end. Once you pass, you will be able to download your completion certificate. If you don’t pass, you can simply retake the test.

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