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DCBUG meets quarterly and is a knowledge-sharing platform for AEC professionals to collaborate with their peers from across the Washington, DC-metro area.


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DCBUG launched in July 2020 and is proud to be the Bluebeam User Group based in the United States capital. The motivation for a local Bluebeam User Group in Washington, DC started as a simple conversation among several Bluebeam® Revu® enthusiasts who connected at XCON 2019. From there, these champions were determined to provide a peer-sharing platform for DC-metro industry professionals.

The group is joined by members across the industry spectrum. Representatives from local architecture, engineering and construction firms, owner representatives, and government agencies are all members of DCBUG.

DCBUG invites all members of the AEC industry who are eager to learn and share experiences with their local peers to join the group. All levels of Revu users are welcome!

Amrita Bajwa

Amrita Bajwa

Amrita believes in the power of peer-sharing and the opportunities BUGs bring to local communities. As a previous champion for a BUG in California, it was only natural for Amrita to help bring a Bluebeam User Group to Washington, D.C. Amrita brings her passion for technology, innovation and digital transformation to DCBUG. “BUGs area a great way to share your experience and learn from others”

Jacob Aboudou

Jacob Aboudou

As a former draftsman and architectural designer, Jacob applies his previous experiences to his role as a virtual construction associate and as co-champion of DCBUG. “Bluebeam Revu is a bridging software—we have the ability to combine digital and physical markups onto one, interactive PDF,” says Jacob. “More companies should integrate Bluebeam Revu into their workflows.”

David Stone

David Stone

With more than two decades of architecture and construction industry experience, David believes in the power of knowledge-sharing and networking with like-minded industry professionals. David leads DCBUG with this mentality and says, “sharing workflows and ideas with one another is crucial for self-improvement and success of the industry.”

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  • Kal Houhou, Parsons Corporation
  • Kurt Maldovan, Jacobs

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