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OmaBUG welcomes all AEC professionals and technology enthusiasts in Nebraska to share innovative workflows and best practices.

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About OmaBUG

OmaBUG launched in November 2019 and is proud to be the 33rd Bluebeam User Group across the globe. With construction on the rise and continued technological advancements, OmaBUG is the conduit for local AEC professionals to collaborate, share and brainstorm innovative ways to use Bluebeam® Revu®. Industry leaders from local organizations like Methodist Health System, HDR, Inc., Alvine Engineering, Farris Engineering, SEi Security, Inc., and Hausmann Construction participate in the group’s forward-thinking discussions.

OmaBUG members embrace the knowledge-sharing platform to network with like-minded peers and expand their industry knowledge. Whether you’re new to the industry or consider yourself an industry veteran, there is a place for you in OmaBUG!

Matt Ruhrer

Matt Ruhrer

As a Life Safety Manager, Matt is an accomplished certified fire protection specialist and certified fire and electrical inspector with over 30 years of industry experience. After being chosen to present at XCON 2019, and experiencing the power of peer-sharing firsthand, Matt believes that bringing a local BUG to Omaha will be beneficial to both his local AEC peers and the industry at large.

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