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ChiBUG is a collection of Chicago's most tech-savvy industry enthusiasts. The group meets regularly in downtown Chicago to share information across a neutralized platform.

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​About ChiBUG

ChiBUG was the first Bluebeam User Group to launch, back in 2015. From the very first meeting, it was clear that ChiBUG was going to be a strong platform for peer sharing among tech-savvy Chicago industry leaders. Tech enthusiasts from Executive Construction, Power Construction, FH Paschen and HED Design consistently share valuable best practices and tips and tricks for process improvement, collaboration and communication.

As the first BUG, ChiBUG has become an established group of friends where casual, friendly conversations set the stage for impactful discussions. The fun, friendly confines of ChiBUG are always open to new members who are eager to become active participants!

​Michael Utter

​Michael Utter

Michael, a project manager with Executive Construction, champions ChiBUG with over five years of industry experience. Championing ChiBUG allows Mike to play a larger role in contributing to knowledge sharing industry-wide.

Rob Daly

Rob Daly

As Executive Construction's field operations director, Rob brings over 15 year of industry experience to ChiBUG. Rob wanted to have a front-row seat to the evolution of the workflow improvement tools in Revu and ChiBUG is just that.

Steering Committee Members

  • Grace Faoro, ARCHEO Design Studio
  • Shawn Phillips, Sevan Multi-Site Solutions
  • Dan Smolilo, The Walsh Group

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