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Bluebeam User Group

Bluebeam User Group

MinneBUG meets regularly to share and discuss technology and the building market in the Upper Midwest.

​About MinneBUG

MinneBUG launched in May 2017. Led by technology enthusiasts from DLR Group, BKBM Engineers, and KaasWilson Architects, the goal of MinneBUG is to provide a fun, casual environment for peer sharing among industry professionals across Minneapolis. Members intend to nurture a welcoming environment where new members and an increased network of cross-disciplinary comradery is always encouraged.

MinneBUG leaders are always reinventing the wheel, devising creative initiatives to keep meetings exciting as well as impactful for all attendees!



Andy Judd

As a project designer and associate at DLR Group, Andy brings nine years of architecture experience to MinneBUG. “What I love about MinneBUG is the convergence of passionate industry professionals looking to share, collaborate and learn from one another. These gatherings are a great platform to network with AEC professionals across our industry. MinneBUG plays a vital role in sharing innovative processes and workflows enabled by leveraging the powerful tools in Revu for the AEC industry.”

Roye Arie

Roye is a senior project manager and contract administrator who thrives when learning more about Bluebeam Revu and is passionate about improving company processes. With a background in property management, Roye brings a fresh perspective to his role at work – and as a MinneBUG Champion. Roye embraces the power of relationship-building and having the opportunity to connect with industry professionals from across the globe. Roye looks forward to sharing his passion with the community and looks forward to watching the MinneBUG community grow.

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We're always on the lookout for new Champions who are eager to support their local BUG and make an impact in their local community.

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