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PortlandBUG meets regularly and serves as a hub for great industry conversations for professionals throughout the Northwestern region.

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​About PortlandBUG

PortlandBUG launched in January 2018. The BUG’s champions, who were collaborators on a building project at the time, said “let’s start a BUG” after discovering that they were both interested in learning how their peers in the Portland region were using Bluebeam Revu. The group now includes a healthy variety of leaders from the AEC industry. These leaders represent local organizations including Hoffman Construction, ZGF Architects, Skanska, KPFF Consulting Engineers and PAE Engineers, to name a few.

These champions are passionate about the industry and using Revu in innovative ways. PortlandBUG welcomes new and experienced users of Revu who are excited to learn and share their industry experiences with the group!

PortlandBUG Chapter

PortlandBUG Chapter

Mike Adams

Mike Adams

Mike, a Project BIM Coordinator with ZGF Architects, champions PortlandBUG with over 25 years of AEC industry experience. Mike is looking forward to being a resource for his industry peers in PortlandBUG and believes, "Bluebeam Revu is an incredibly powerful tool that can help bridge the gap between disciplines."

 Luke Brown

Luke Brown

As a Project Estimator with Hoffman Construction and avid Revu user, Luke's innate instinct to teach and problem-solve makes him a natural fit to champion PortlandBUG. Luke believes PortlandBUG will allow members to discover new ways to use Revu and accomplish goals more efficiently.

Steering Committee Members

  • Bryan Krawczyk, Andersen Construction
  • Jeff Morris, ZGF Architects

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