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PhxBUG meets regularly at different industry locations throughout Phoenix and the surrounding area. The group embraces growth and new members, so join today!

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PhxBUG was the second BUG to launch back in 2015. The group is extremely passionate about technology and utilizing their resources to maximize efficiency and productivity. Not only is PhxBUG filled with industry technology enthusiasts, but the group cares a great deal about community involvement. During their first meeting comments like "How can we involve local AEC collegiate programs?", "Let's get our local municipalities and code reviewers involved in these meetings!", "Can we all try to get more owners and developers involved?" filled the room.

PhxBUG members from Okland Construction, CORE Construction, Devenney Group Architects, JE Dunn Construction and Arrington Watkins Architects realize the importance of sharing across the industry. This mindset has made PhxBUG meetings spirited and impactful!

​Myles Morton

​Myles Morton

Myles, a process improvement manager at Okland Construction, has over five years of experience working within the AEC industry. Myles finds value in collaborating with peers and enjoys championing the growth and sustainability of PhxBUG!

Frank Giurgiu

Frank Giurgiu

Frank works in CORE Construction’s technology department, handling all things Bluebeam for the company. Newer to the industry, Frank says PhxBUG is an important community to be a part of and that championing the group allows him to connect with peers and stay up-to-date on industry news and trends.

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