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NOLABUG meetings occur regularly and consistently drive dynamic conversations and valuable information sharing.


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NOLABUG was one of the first BUGs that launched back in 2015. The group's dynamic is defined by enthusiastic, local industry professionals who are absolutely passionate about technology and moving the AEC industry in New Orleans forward. NOLABUG leaders from Gibbs Construction and M3 Design Group consistently seek unique ways to engage the design and construction community in the area. NOLABUG has even partnered with NOLARUG to facilitate joint meetings where technology exposure and trends can be shared across even more local companies and disciplines.

NOLABUG's enthusiasm for technology and the industry is contagious, and the group welcomes new members and looks forward to continued growth.

​Myles Martin

​Myles Martin

Founder of SymbioticAEC and principal at M3 Design Group, Myles leads NOLABUG with over 15 years of experience. He believes that communication of AEC data is paramount to the successful execution of projects. NOLABUG provides the additional knowledge needed to enhance his practices.

​Nick Williamson

​Nick Williamson

Nick, a project manager with Gibbs Construction, leads NOLABUG to leverage the knowledge of the local Bluebeam community and provide a medium for like-minded individuals to brainstorm and improve digital workflows.

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