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MinneBUG meets regularly to share and discuss technology and the building market in the Upper Midwest.

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​About MinneBUG

MinneBUG launched in May of 2017. Led by technology enthusiasts from Ryan Companies and Kraus Anderson, the goal of MinneBUG is to provide a fun, casual environment for peer sharing among industry professionals across Minneapolis. Members intend to nurture a welcoming environment where new members and an increased network of cross-disciplinary comradery is always encouraged.

MinneBUG leaders are always reinventing the wheel, devising creative initiatives to keep meetings exciting as well as impactful for all attendees!

​Abigail Heimel

​Abigail Heimel

​As a Project Manager at Gardner Builders, Abigail views championing MinneBUG as a great way to share energy, excitement and ideas about Revu with the Minneapolis community.

​Morgan Traynor

​Morgan Traynor

​Morgan Traynor works as a Construction Analyst for Ryan Companies. Morgan championed MinneBUG because she wanted to help provide a place for Minneapolis users to share their experiences and best practices.

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