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MkeBUG meets regularly and serves as a network for like-minded AEC professionals from across Wisconsin.

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​About MkeBUG

MkeBUG launched in May 2019 as the fifth Bluebeam User Group in the Midwest and started as a simple conversation between an industry professional and Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) professor. Industry leaders and technology savvy professionals from Riley Construction, MSOE, Kiewit, Collins Engineers, Inc., and CSD Structural Engineers have all joined the group.

MkeBUG looks forward to its group’s continued growth and welcomes all levels of Bluebeam® Revu® users to join!

​Kevin Kendellen

​Kevin Kendellen

As the construction technology manager for Riley Construction, Kevin focuses on implementing new technologies and improving existing processes into daily project operations. Kevin says, “Bluebeam Revu has become the ‘Swiss-Army Knife’ of our document workflows and its flexibility allows us to constantly improve the quality and effectiveness of our deliverables.”

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