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Mid-AtlanticBUG meets regularly and serves as a platform to unite AEC professionals across the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

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​About Mid-AtlanticBUG

Mid-AtlanticBUG launched in 2017 and was the first regional BUG. W.M. Jordan had a vision to provide a platform of peer sharing across multiple cities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. This group is a tremendous resource to industry professionals who seek best practices, tips & tricks and unique problem- solving techniques from a group of peers. The group draws attendees from a wide variety of disciplines, bringing different perspectives and unique solutions to the discussion table.

Mid-Atlantic is eager to add new members to their roster of active participants!

​Raynald Morris

​Raynald Morris

​Raynald is the Chief Information Officer for W. M. Jordan Company. With over 31 years of industry experience, Raynald has championed Mid-AtlanticBUG to provide the opportunity for users to explore and expand their Revu usage.

​Austin Tempest

​Austin Tempest

​As a Project Engineer with W. M. Jordan Company, Austin sees the tremendous benefits of using Revu and thinks that the Mid-AtlanticBUG fosters open-minded discussion to help his team use it effectively.

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