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BayAreaBUG meets regularly and hosts meetings at a variety of industry locations throughout the Bay Area.

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​About BayAreaBUG

BayAreaBUG, formerly known as SFBUG, launched in 2017 and started as part of a lively conversation between a group of tech-savvy industry professionals at Bluebeam's eXtreme Conference in 2016. With a growing interest in SFBUG, the group's Champions found it valuable to expand the group to the Bay Area.

The champions are passionate about the industry, technology and utilizing Revu in innovative ways. The group's members from XL Construction, Rad Urban, Smith Group JJR, Stacy and Witbeck, Schetter Electric and Therma not only share advanced tips and tricks toward streamlining processes, but also discuss high-level industry challenges affecting their projects and project teams. With a wide range of discussion topics and a diverse cross section of industry disciplines, Bay Area BUG consistently curates exciting, thought-provoking meetings!

DJ Phipps

DJ Phipps

DJ, Construction Technology Group Manager at XL Construction, encourages his team to push Revu’s capabilities to the edge. With a passion for Revu, technology and learning new tools to maximize workflows, DJ is committed to growing members in South Bay. Fun fact: DJ wears Bluebeam socks regularly!

Mike Jakes

Mike Jakes

Mike, VDC Project Manager at XL Construction, and Bluebeam enthusiast, has a knack for thinking outside-the-box. Knowing Bluebeam Revu is not a one-size-fits-all solution, Mike believes championing BayAreaBUG is the quintessential opportunity to collaborate with industry peers in South Bay.

​Alex Tanguay

​Alex Tanguay

As a VDC specialist with Rad Urban, Alex says his team is using Revu to take advantage of their company’s vertically integrated company structure (design and construction teams in the same organization) to enhance project delivery. Alex finds purpose in discovering how Revu can be used as a solution for his project teams' process issues and is excited to brainstorm new ideas with the group.

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