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I need to transfer a seat from one device to another.

Follow these instructions to move your seat. If the device is no longer working and you're the licence admin, please contact us with the serial number and computer name for further assistance.

How do I add additional seats to my licence?

You can add seats to an existing licence in our online shop. Make sure you have your serial number handy during checkout, as additional seats must share the same serial number, product key, Revu edition and Maintenance term (if applicable).

I receive an error message when trying to register.

This helpful guide can help solve any issues you may have during registration. If you're the licence admin, refer to the Licence Key Lookup to verify you have enough seats available.

I already own a licence and need to re-download an older version of Revu.

We have older versions of Revu available to download here.

I want to upgrade to the latest version of Revu.

If you're a licence admin, you can buy an upgrade in our web store. If you're a licence admin with active Maintenance, you can upgrade for free here. If you have questions, contact us.

I need my product key.

If you can't find your product key, please contact your licence admin (typically the person who purchased Revu or your IT administrator). If you need the licence re-sent to that person, send us the serial number so we can help.

I need a list of all the licences for my company's account.

If you're a licence admin with Maintenance, you can log in to the Gateway to view licence information. If not, please contact us for a full licence list.

How can I see a list of registered computers on my licence(s)?

You can see a list of registered computers for a specific licence here. If you're a licence admin with Maintenance, you can log in to the Gateway to view licence information.

Is there a way to release seats from my Revu licence(s)?

If you have Enterprise or Open licence(s), your Gateway admin can revoke computers and view usage data in our online administrative portal, the Bluebeam Gateway.

For more information, check out our Gateway User Guide.

What is the Bluebeam Gateway?

The Bluebeam Gateway is an online administrative portal available for licences with active Maintenance. Gateway admins (also called licence admins) can make changes to their Bluebeam accounts, manage other Gateway admins and more. For more information, refer to our Gateway User Guide.

I’m having issues accessing my account or licence in the Gateway.

Please contact us.

I still have questions.

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You'll need Maintenance to get technical support over the phone.
You can reach us on 07-3608-5800. Our Australian operation hours are 9 AM-5 PM (AEST), Monday through Friday.

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