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DenverBUG meets regularly and serves as a hub for great conversations for industry professionals throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

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About DenverBUG

DenverBUG launched in 2016. As a tremendous tech center for the region, with a focus on renewable energy and resources, DenverBUG members share a unique perspective on the built environment. Holland Construction Group, JE Dunn, Black & Veatch and Encore Electric are just a few of the companies represented by regular participants of the group.

DenverBUG continues to grow and always welcomes new industry professionals into the group!

​Jennifer Eng

​Jennifer Eng

Jennifer, an application and training support specialist at JE Dunn Construction, champions DenverBUG with over 20 years of experience and understands how much Revu® improves efficiency and work quality. DenverBUG encourages a space for pressure-free networking in a tight-knit industry.

​Rebecca Sockwell

​Rebecca Sockwell

With a background in architecture and construction, Rebecca brings a unique perspective to both her roles as an associate project manager at Holland Partner Group and a DenverBUG Champion. Rebecca believes DenverBUG allows her to gain and share Revu knowledge to help her push the limits in her role.

​Brent Gregory

​Brent Gregory

Brent, a construction technologist at Encore Electric, is no rookie to the industry. With over 20 years of experience, he has seen firsthand the power of knowledge-sharing. As the DenverBUG Champion, Brent is excited for the opportunity to connect with his peers in the region, and across the country. Brent said, “sharing information is crucial in helping successfully navigate the constantly changing construction technology landscape.”

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